3 Reasons Why ‘Small Wins’ Matter

For many entrepreneurs, success is measured on a grand scale.  Landing a big client or making a huge sale are the only things worth celebrating.  As a result, small successes are often forgotten or ignored.  And those “small wins” have value too.

Here’s why small wins deserve your love…

They fuel a positive mindset  — If we’re always focused on winning big, winning small may seem like a failure.  So how do you keep the fire and desire to reach further if you keep kicking yourself along the way?  The answer is, you don’t.  And then it’s easy to get sucked into a negative pattern of thinking.  So instead of saying “I only got one new client this week” (defeatist approach), how about…”I got one new client this week.  That’s progress.  Next week, I’m aiming for two.” (Winner’s approach).  See the difference?

They root you in reality — Sometimes we’re so focused on the brass ring that we forget about the things that need our attention, in the present time.  If we’re not paying attention and addressing current challenges effectively, how will we reach our ultimate goal?  For example, let’s say one of your biggest goals for the year is to assemble a top-notch sales team.  As you’re going through your hiring process, you realize you don’t have a clear system for attracting the right people.   Now is the time to pivot and address this need.  Forging ahead without this system could have disastrous consequences — an ineffective sales team that’s not producing results.  In this case, realizing you need to take a step back and revisit your hiring process is a small win that vastly improves your chances for a big win in the future (i.e. the top-notch sales team that’s bringing you lots of new business)

They provide valuable learning — Let’s say you planned a promotional workshop for prospective clients.  You hoped for 50 attendees but ended up with 15. What if those 15 loved what you did and were raving about it?  And what if that had a lot to do with your ability to spend quality one-on-one time with your attendees?  You realize this wouldn’t have been possible with 50 attendees.  And now you can create a plan for scaling your workshop more effectively.  That’s a win.

Are you up for the challenge?

Here’s something I’d like you to try right now.  Write down 3 small wins you achieved so far this week.  They can be anything at all — from finding a new vendor who offers you better value to getting a testimonial from a happy customer.

Can you keep the momentum going?

I believe you can.  So I’m giving you a further challenge to repeat this exercise every week.  Do it on the same day every week, if possible, to be consistent and so that it becomes a regular practice.

Share, share, share

It’s time to celebrate.  Share your wins with your employees and ask them to share theirs too.  There’s many ways to do this but the more interactive it can be, the better.  For example, using a digital workspace or internal communication platform (such as Slack) or take turns announcing them in your team meetings.  Sharing in this way allows for immediate praise and creates excitement. (Added bonus: celebrating small wins with your team can also increase their engagement and motivation)

If you’re a solopreneur, share them with your network, spouse, best friend, family member or coach (I love when my clients share theirs with me).

Keep your list of small wins visible.

Put them on sticky notes on your desk, laptop or wall.  Let them remind you that you are making progress and on the path to fulfilling your entrepreneurial dreams.





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