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"The saying,” when the student is ready the teacher will arrive,” resonates for me when I reflect on my journey with Stephan as my Coach. I was in a situation where I needed support to refocus on the future and reset. Stephan was able to support me through a process of self-discovery. This included helping me understand my true values, my purpose in life, address limiting beliefs, and derive a path forward for a more fulfilling life. I experienced a few light bulb moments, where everything made sense. Stephan is knowledgeable and well equipped with tools to support the achievement of goals, through unlocking, increasing focus, and developing clarity. He does so from a good place, non-judgemental with a sole intent on helping you to be the best you can be. Stephan is an exceptional coach and mentor, who has a passion for helping others. I am grateful for the coaching that Stephan has provided me and highly recommend Stephan to anyone ready to embark on a journey of change."

Lara Azavedo

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